Motion graphic song covers
Lyrics/Rhymes Highlighted Promo Video
Honey Bees VS Neonicotinoid
I created this animated Motion graphics PSA to inform people of the about dangers of using Neonicotinoid pesticides on plants and crops, as well as its effects on Honey Bees and their populations. 
I after doing research on the subject I came up with the idea of creating a cartoon PSA. After sketching out storyboards, I then drew out each object and background individually in Photoshop, using a drawing tablet. When all of my assets were organized, I began creating each scene in After Effects. 
After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop
Happy Halloween 
This Is a Halloween Gif I created from hand drawings
"The Tiny Rocket"
This is a cartoon I created after making a flip book.
"Mazda RX-8 Driving"
Here is a short motion project I made of a drawings and a cartoon version of my car.
Photoshop, After Effects
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